Why Didn't My Mama Tell Me About This......

Why Didn't My Mama Tell Me About This......

As the owner and founder of Hekima Skin Care, I know there are many things that our Mamas, Grannies, Big Mamas and Ma'Dears told us about life and growing older

  • Make sure you wear a slip under your dress
  • Black don't crack 
  • Get your education and your own bank account 
  • Don't wear white after labor day
  • Don't stay out too late because the only things that are open are legs and the hospital (oh maybe that was just my granny 😂) 

At any rate you get the picture. All of the advice and warnings were well intended and at times needed. But at the tender age of 47 years young, the one warning/piece of advice I needed the most intel on was PERIMENOPAUSE! 

Someone cue Natalie Cole's "I'm Catching Hell" because not only am I catching hell, but my kids, stomach, memory, digestive system and most importantly MY SKIN has been catching hell for the last 6-7 years due to perimenopause. 

Perimenopause is the transition to menopause, the time when a woman's menstrual periods stop permanently. Perimenopause usually begins in a woman's mid-40s, but can start as early as her 30s or as late as her 50s.

During perimenopause, a woman's ovaries gradually produce less estrogen and progesterone.

Throw your hand up and say "my God" if you have experienced any of these symptoms and didn't know why🙌🏿 

Hot Flashes  Night Sweats
Irregular Periods Vaginal Dryness
Painful Sex Mood Swings
Fatigue Memory Problems
Difficulty Concentrating Insomnia
Weight Gain Heart Palpitations 
Hair Loss Headaches
Joint Pain DRY SKIN


Yep girl, you are probably going through perimenopause. Now image that you are dealing with all of this in the midst of a pandemic🫢. If you graduated high school in the late 80s to early 2000s I'm talking to you. 

Well, Hekima Skin Care was created with YOU in mind. We are on a mission to create health, wellness and skin care products to help mature and melanated women feel good, smell good and look good during OUR journey to menopause. 

My goal is to leave a legacy of information, knowledge, and solutions for the next generation of mature and melanated women. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. 

Tell us in the comments what are some things you wish the older women in your life would have told you about health, wellness or life. 

Your Skin. Your Story. 


P.S. Use code "GRANNY" for 10% off your next order. 



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